Fujitsu Australia and Iota Announce a Strategic Agreement to Transform Sustainable Water Management Through IoT Solution, Lentic

November 29, 2022

Fujitsu Australia and Iota, the commercialisation arm of South East Water, have entered a strategic agreement for ongoing product development and implementation of the Lentic platform, an enterprise IoT solution for the water utility sector.

Melbourne, Australia

November 29, 2022


Built from the ground up with water domain knowledge at its core, Lentic empowers water authorities to accelerate their digital transformation journey. By streamlining data across the enterprise, it leverages insights to help predict and prevent water leaks, reduces water service costs and improves water conservation. In addition to maintaining, supporting and optimising the Lentic platform, Fujitsu will also be involved in co-creating a roadmap for this innovative enterprise IoT platform to rapidly scale.

“We are thrilled to work with Fujitsu to accelerate the sector’s digital transformation journey. Fujitsu’s choice to work with Lentic is a show of faith in the product and the collective teams behind it.”

Dan Sullivan

CEO, Iota

Dave Lennon, Head of Industry – Public Sector at Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand, said, “Smart technology can help protect one of our most precious resources – water, and support water utility companies to deliver better, more sustainable, and cost-effective services.”

“Iota is a leader in developing new technologies and innovation in the water sector. Driven by our purpose to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation, we’re proud to play an important part in supporting the growth of this water wise IoT solution to create a positive impact on the environment and society.”

Dave Lennon

Head of Industry – Public Sector at Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand

“By working with Iota and leveraging Fujitsu’s network, we aim to position Lentic as a world-leading water IoT platform and deliver this solution to other utilities to better serve their customers, maximise their operational excellence, safeguard their assets, and conserve natural resources.”

Iota is working with existing customers including South East Water, a large Queensland council and a water authority in Victoria to provide services, such as improving customer insights into water consumption and minimising water leaks. This strategic agreement between Fujitsu and Iota will further accelerate the development and commercialisation of Lentic to help utilities and councils plan for future sustainable water management and deliver sustainable infrastructure to the wider communities.


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Water Utility ChallengesDigital Utility LeversLentic® Enablers
Water scarcity from climate change and population growthReduce water wastage by identifying network leaksEnable an integrated ecosystem that leverages machine intelligence
Meet and exceed environmental regulatory requirementsIncrease digital monitoring of water value chain to improve water quality and reduce environmental impactEnhance data quality and quantity to support regulatory reporting and transparency


Water Utility Challenges Digital Utility Levers Lentic® Enablers
Rising customer expectations Provide customers with relevant on-demand insights through preferred channels, enabling better service experiences Built-in domain knowledge delivers on-demand customisable insights to customers
Affordability Reduce water services costs through innovative demand management and enhanced operational efficiency Support automation of key business processes to enhance customer service delivery and reduce demand


Water Utility Challenges Digital Utility Levers Lentic® Enablers
Optimise asset life and reduce operating costs Visualise performance and manage asset lifecycle in real time while reducing the need to fund additional infrastructure Domain rules applied to predict unknown disruption across assets, by providing high volume of data
Reduce non-revenue water losses Automate identification of network leaks to enable rapid and cost-effective fault resolution Enable integration of field device data across enterprise systems to manage utility response to network leaks and faults
Protect asset security Provide a safe and resilient operating environment reducing cyber risks to critical infrastructure Security policy and controls are in place to support continuous monitoring efforts in line with ISO0227001