Irish Water sought Iota’s consultation for the design of a smart sewer leveraging Iota’s OneBox solution, to meet the challenges of the Gweedore Scheme, ensuring compliance with the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive.    

A consortium led by Optus Networks Australia and including Iota has been awarded the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Smart Water Meter contract for the Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC).

Yarra Valley Water engaged Iota to design a smart sewer system that would be operated by its patented OneBox® platform to replace septic systems posing a risk to the environment and public health.

Altogether Group is using Iota’s OneBox® solution in sustainable water communities in NSW, capturing residential sewage and transporting it to a decentralised wastewater recycling facility returning high quality recycled water to their home for use within toilets, washing machines and irrigation.

One of our earliest adopters, South Gippsland Water has implemented OneBox® technology as part of their regional Small Town Sewer Schemes which saw new sewerage networks built to replace failing septic tanks and connect 510 regional properties across 2 separate projects.

Iota partners with Christchurch City Council to deliver smart pressure sewer systems controlled by OneBox® technology. OneBox® will be installed in over 10,000 houses and some commercial premises in greenfield sites and other areas where there are wastewater capacity constraints.

Iota has partnered with the Monash University-led Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) program to understand and help tackle challenges for informal settlements around the world. The program is taking a water-sensitive approach to water and sanitation management in 24 informal settlements in Fiji and Indonesia.

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Water Utility ChallengesDigital Utility LeversLentic® Enablers
Water scarcity from climate change and population growthIncrease digital monitoring of water value chain to improve water quality and reduce environmental impact.Enable an integrated ecosystem that leverages machine intelligence.
Meet and exceed environmental regulatory requirementsReduce water wastage by identifying network leaksEnhance data quality and quantity to support regulatory reporting and transparency.


Water Utility ChallengesDigital Utility LeversLentic® Enablers
Rising customer expectationsProvide customers with relevant on-demand insights through preferred channels, enabling better service experiences.Built-in domain knowledge delivers on-demand customizable insights to customers.
AffordabilityReduce water services costs through innovative demand management and enhanced operational efficiency.Support automation of key business processes to enhance customer service delivery and reduce demand.


Water Utility ChallengesDigital Utility LeversLentic® Enablers
Optimise asset life and reduce operating costsVisualise performance and manage asset lifecycle in real time while reducing the need to fund additional infrastructure.Domain rules applied to predict unknown disruption across asserts, by providing high volume of data.
Reduce non-revenue water lossesAutomate identification of network leaks to enable rapid and cost-effective fault resolution.Enable integration of field device data across enterprise systems to manage utility response to network leaks and faults.
Protect asset securityProvide a safe and resilient operating environment reducing cyber risks to critical infrastructure.Security policy and controls are in place to support continuous monitoring efforts in line with ISO0227001