Smart Water

Network Leak Detection

Detect and locate network leaks at scale and reduce non-revenue water losses with Sotto®. Available integrated into the Landis + Gyr W350 digital meter for the Australia & New Zealand market.

Digital Meter

Proactively manage water networks and detect leaks on customer properties with the Curaᵀᴹ ultrasonic digital meter.

Flow Loticᵀᴹ
Data Logger

Digitise existing analogue meters to track water usage and detect leaks. Rapid and economical to deploy. Features device-driven alarms and cost-effective data capture for larger commercial meters.

Smart Sewer

Smart Low-Pressure Sewer

Monitor and control low-pressure sewer systems remotely and in near-real time to reduce capex spend, enable cost-effective maintenance and proactively manage performance.

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Water Utility ChallengesDigital Utility LeversLentic® Enablers
Water scarcity from climate change and population growthIncrease digital monitoring of water value chain to improve water quality and reduce environmental impact.Enable an integrated ecosystem that leverages machine intelligence.
Meet and exceed environmental regulatory requirementsReduce water wastage by identifying network leaksEnhance data quality and quantity to support regulatory reporting and transparency.


Water Utility ChallengesDigital Utility LeversLentic® Enablers
Rising customer expectationsProvide customers with relevant on-demand insights through preferred channels, enabling better service experiences.Built-in domain knowledge delivers on-demand customizable insights to customers.
AffordabilityReduce water services costs through innovative demand management and enhanced operational efficiency.Support automation of key business processes to enhance customer service delivery and reduce demand.


Water Utility ChallengesDigital Utility LeversLentic® Enablers
Optimise asset life and reduce operating costsVisualise performance and manage asset lifecycle in real time while reducing the need to fund additional infrastructure.Domain rules applied to predict unknown disruption across asserts, by providing high volume of data.
Reduce non-revenue water lossesAutomate identification of network leaks to enable rapid and cost-effective fault resolution.Enable integration of field device data across enterprise systems to manage utility response to network leaks and faults.
Protect asset securityProvide a safe and resilient operating environment reducing cyber risks to critical infrastructure.Security policy and controls are in place to support continuous monitoring efforts in line with ISO0227001