Data Logger

Digitise existing assets

Flow Lotic™

lotic: of, relating to, or living in moving water

The Flow Lotic™ data logger connects to existing commercial analogue meters, providing business customers visibility of water consumption across sites at the main meter and sub-meter level.



Tech specs

Leak detection on a commercial scale

Digital data capture for large diameter meters delivers proactive cost management with device driven alarms

Futureproof rapid & simple deployment with LwM2M open standard connectivity over NB-IoT plus over-the-air firmware/configuration updates

Rugged design to withstand the elements for long asset life

R i c h D a t a S e t S u i t a b l e f o r S u b - m e t e r i n g B u i l t - i n A l a r m s L o w L i f e t i m e C o s t o f O w n e r s h i p D e p l o y m e n t F l e x i b i l i t y D e s i g n e d f o r L o n g e v i t y S t r a n d e d A L o w s s e t   R i s k

Rich Data Set

Deploy with footprint® 2.0 to visualise data, automate anomaly alarms and generate reports.

Suitable for Sub-Metering

Economically installed on sub meters to give business customers a more granular view of water consumption.

Built-in Alarms

Includes built-in and configurable alarms that ensure operators and customers receive the right information at the right time.


Low Lifetime Cost of Ownership

A future-proof solution designed for long term returns

Deployment Flexibility

Compatible with a wide range of meter types and sizes meaning it can be used to digitise a majority of business customer meters. Simplifying device rollout and reducing installation costs.

Designed for Longevity

Fully potted to reduces the risk of device damage. Resilient to network disruptions and stores 10 days of data without needing to send a manual meter reader. The device has a 10 year battery life. The LwM2M protocol used is 33% more battery efficient compared to MQTT.

Low Stranded Asset Risk

Configuration and firmware updates over-the-air ensure the device is always up to date. Uses an open standard LwM2M over NB IoT which is a secure licensed spectrum.

Deploy with footprint® 2.0 for an end-to-end solution to visualise data, automate anomaly alarms and generate reports


Maximum frequency of 100 Hz and a constant pulse width of 10 ms


Lithium 3.6v 19ah capacity


Internal memory storage 10 days (rolling number of days) – Pulse count data

Power consumption

Average power consumption (Non RF transmission) <3.6mW

Maximum power consumption (RF transmission) <1W

Operating temperature

Range -5C – +80C

IP Rating



333 grams

Maximum rated input voltage


Maximum frequency

100Hz, 50% duty cycle

Maximum open resistance


Maximum closed resistance





Data points

10270/0 – Battery information

10271/0 – Communications activity time (restricted to 24hrs reporting)

10266/0 – Accumulated flow (total flow) in KL (restricted to 24hrs reporting)

10266/1 – Interval flow has to be in multiples of 5min. Minimum 5minutes up to 24hrs. Default 30min

Event data points

10283/0 – Device reboot

10281/0 – Low battery alarm

10284/0 – Time Synchronisation

10 year battery life

Case studies


Cura digital metering

Beyond meter reading webinar recording Hosted by: Daniel Sullivan, CEO Iota We’d like to thank our panel speakers:


The True Value of Digital Transformation

Utilities are at various stages of exploring digital transformation as an enabler to meet the demands of the future. The most successful transformations will chart a clear path for the future but also recognises that change is inevitable and so flexibility is critical. The challenge for utilities is building the business case that prioritises investment in the short term to preserve freedom for the future

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Water Utility ChallengesDigital Utility LeversLentic® Enablers
Water scarcity from climate change and population growthReduce water wastage by identifying network leaksEnable an integrated ecosystem that leverages machine intelligence
Meet and exceed environmental regulatory requirementsIncrease digital monitoring of water value chain to improve water quality and reduce environmental impactEnhance data quality and quantity to support regulatory reporting and transparency


Water Utility Challenges Digital Utility Levers Lentic® Enablers
Rising customer expectations Provide customers with relevant on-demand insights through preferred channels, enabling better service experiences Built-in domain knowledge delivers on-demand customisable insights to customers
Affordability Reduce water services costs through innovative demand management and enhanced operational efficiency Support automation of key business processes to enhance customer service delivery and reduce demand


Water Utility Challenges Digital Utility Levers Lentic® Enablers
Optimise asset life and reduce operating costs Visualise performance and manage asset lifecycle in real time while reducing the need to fund additional infrastructure Domain rules applied to predict unknown disruption across assets, by providing high volume of data
Reduce non-revenue water losses Automate identification of network leaks to enable rapid and cost-effective fault resolution Enable integration of field device data across enterprise systems to manage utility response to network leaks and faults
Protect asset security Provide a safe and resilient operating environment reducing cyber risks to critical infrastructure Security policy and controls are in place to support continuous monitoring efforts in line with ISO0227001