Taking OneBox® across the Tasman

April 30, 2019

Iota Services has partnered with Christchurch City Council to deliver smart pressure sewer systems controlled by the OneBox® solution.

OneBox® will be installed in over 10,000 houses and some commercial premises in greenfield sites and other areas where there are wastewater capacity constraints.

Developed by Melbourne-based utility South East Water, its commercial arm iota Services is now taking OneBox® across the Tasman to help transform Christchurch’s wastewater systems.

The significant damage to the city in the wake of the 2011 earthquakes meant that budget for new infrastructure was limited. The installation of OneBox® units has significantly reduced the need for wastewater infrastructure, resulting in the equivalent savings of NZ $8 million for the New Zealand city.

Through detailed hydraulic modelling and algorithms, OneBox® enables peak shifting, infiltration monitoring and pressure pump shut-down during storm events, providing significant reduction in design peak flows and real-time control during storm events.


If you’re going to have a pressure sewer system, why wouldn’t you have a smart one?


As a result of the reduced design flows, cities like Christchurch have been able to discharge to an existing network without significant additional infrastructure and capital expenditure.

A unique connected solution, OneBox® monitors and controls network flows, and post storm events prioritises sites with the highest levels, thereby minimising the spill risk on the network and the impact on downstream assets. Christchurch City Council have remote visibility and control of this network via an online portal.

Through the use of this smart system, Christchurch City Council can now be alerted to and resolve an issue before the customer even knows there’s a problem, enabling them to provide customers with a better experience.

OneBox® has enabled us to have better visibility over our network that has resulted in more cost effective planning decisions for us.


The Christchurch project is the first time iota Services has deployed the OneBox® technology outside of Australia. The project’s success has led to OneBox® being installed in all new developments within the city.

Christchurch have also deployed trial units of the Advanced BlokAid® solution for the downstream gravity network. By integrating both solutions, Christchurch City Council will be alerted by Advanced BlokAid® to high levels in the downstream gravity network, at which point operators could hold back flows from the pressure sewer system using OneBox® until the incident has been investigated.


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Water Utility ChallengesDigital Utility LeversLentic® Enablers
Water scarcity from climate change and population growthReduce water wastage by identifying network leaksEnable an integrated ecosystem that leverages machine intelligence
Meet and exceed environmental regulatory requirementsIncrease digital monitoring of water value chain to improve water quality and reduce environmental impactEnhance data quality and quantity to support regulatory reporting and transparency


Water Utility Challenges Digital Utility Levers Lentic® Enablers
Rising customer expectations Provide customers with relevant on-demand insights through preferred channels, enabling better service experiences Built-in domain knowledge delivers on-demand customisable insights to customers
Affordability Reduce water services costs through innovative demand management and enhanced operational efficiency Support automation of key business processes to enhance customer service delivery and reduce demand


Water Utility Challenges Digital Utility Levers Lentic® Enablers
Optimise asset life and reduce operating costs Visualise performance and manage asset lifecycle in real time while reducing the need to fund additional infrastructure Domain rules applied to predict unknown disruption across assets, by providing high volume of data
Reduce non-revenue water losses Automate identification of network leaks to enable rapid and cost-effective fault resolution Enable integration of field device data across enterprise systems to manage utility response to network leaks and faults
Protect asset security Provide a safe and resilient operating environment reducing cyber risks to critical infrastructure Security policy and controls are in place to support continuous monitoring efforts in line with ISO0227001